Sport and Performance Psychology

Working with individuals, teams and clubs, our hands-on approach provides clients with tailored services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology. We provide a professional service that assists our clients to overcome challenges and open up opportunities to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance.

Teams: Our Sport and Performance Psychology Division provides a number of services for teams. We have experience working with teams across sporting codes and at different levels of experience and professionalism. Each of our interventions is designed to meet the specific requirements of the team we are working with. We offer seminars and consulting services covering specific areas of sport psychology - tailored for each team's particular challenges. When working with teams we endeavor to work extremely closely with coaches and management, as this is the most sustainable way of intervening. We offer a number of coaching seminars that provide context and guidance for coaches looking to incorporate the mental aspect of their sport into their training.

Approach: Sport Psychology interventions are not quick or simple and require focus and application over extended periods. The most sustainable improvements require long-term commitment from teams and management. Our work with teams and individuals covers a number of phases that move through processes of assessment and observation into the collaborative construction of programmes tailored to our client's context. We then implement various intervention strategies informed by empirical research, and focus on monitoring and evaluating progress and adjusting our intervention accordingly. Progress through these phases is dynamic and iterative. We focus on working together with clients, whether groups or individuals, to provide a service that meets their respective time and financial requirements.



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We work closely with a range of performance specialists. Please contact us if you would like referrals to professionals in the fields of coaching, biokinetics, dietetics, physical conditioning and training.