Treatment ranges from brief and focussed interventions to long-term work. In line with Headstrong's philosophy of a holistic multidisciplinary service, the counselling division works closely with other professionals, and key role players in the client's life, in order to help create the most sustainable change.

Mike McInerney is Headstrong's principle Counselling Psychologist and he is registered with the HPCSA (PS 0123064):

"With a background in Narrative therapy, Psychodynamic approaches and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, my approach to psychotherapy is one that prioritises the counselling relationship and the needs of the client. I believe in looking for opportunities for change, and helping the client to reconnect with the strength to take advantage of those moments. It is a priority of mine to incorporate the latest developments in psychology and psychotherapy, and I ensure that my work is founded in the principles of evidence based practice."

"I am invested in the wellbeing of my clients and my focus is on working collaboratively with them in search of small steps that can unlock big changes in their lives. "

"I believe that it is important to examine the role of existing systems within a client's life, and do not attempt to focus on the client in isolation. I believe in harnessing, and working closely with existing support structures to support the changes clients make in their lives."

"While understanding the value for traditional models of clinical pathology, I see the value of working outside of constructions of illness, and abnormality, that can constrain the potential and value of my clients."

"I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship, and the potential for change."


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We work closely with a range of performance specialists. Please contact us if you would like referrals to professionals in the fields of coaching, biokinetics, dietetics, physical conditioning and training.