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The Headstrong Sport & Performance Psychology Division specialises in the psychology behind performance enhancement. We strive to guide individuals and teams toward a heightened level of mental conditioning. Our hands-on approach provides clients with tailored services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology. We provide a professional service that assists our clients to overcome challenges and open up opportunities to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance. We operate on the fundamentals of positive psychology approaches that understand improved performance as the result of a holistic approach to development. We work closely with other professionals involved with each individual or team, in order to provide a seamless service that facilitates our clients' individual growth in addition to improving their performance in a particular field. Headstrong's Sport & Performance Psychology Division provides a range of services catering for individuals and groups or teams.



Stuart Pattison and Mike McInerney are driven and passionate about the development of athletes, providing the holistic services that allow their clients to reach their potential in their chosen field.


Stuart Pattison, Director

Stuart founded Headstrong in March 2012 and since its conception has worked with an array of different clients including individuals, teams, amateurs as well as professionals. Stuart has worked on the South African professional golf circuit through The Sunshine Tour and is a part of the Educational Division of the PGA. In addition to this Stuart has assisted Headstrong in achieving its international status by working alongside Zimbabwe on their IRB Rugby 7s Circuit. He is now Managing Director of Headstrong and works alongside clients as a Sport and Performance Psychology Expert.

Stuart received a Master of Social Science Degree in Psychology which he obtained through Rhodes University. He graduated with a distinction in 2011 and since then has been involved in the Sport and Performance Psychology industry. His Masters research was structured around the Development, Implementation and Analysis of Mental Toughness Performance Training and Conditioning Programmes for Young Athletes.

Mike McInerney, Director

Mike has a specific focus on Sport Psychology and works with both teams and individual athletes across varying contexts. His postgraduate training, in Honours, Masters (and currently as a Doctoral candidate), was conducted through Rhodes University where he used action research and qualitative data collection methodologies to examine the development of mental toughness in cricketers at both school and semi-professional levels. His research into the application of sport psychology has led to him presenting at a number of conferences including the International Congress of Psychology held in Cape Town in 2012.

Mike is a HPCSA registered Counselling Psychologist, splitting his time between private practice, lecturing at tertiary level and working towards a PhD. His professional interests centre around the intersection of performance and community psychology, and much of my practice is with athletes in both individual counselling and group settings. 


Headstrong provides psychological services to enhance well-being and performance in a variety of contexts.

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We've worked with a range of sporting codes at various levels of experience and professionalism. Find out more about some of our clients here.

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