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The Headstrong Sport & Performance Psychology Division specialises in the psychology behind performance enhancement. We strive to guide individuals and teams toward a heightened level of mental conditioning. Our hands-on approach provides clients with tailored services informed by the latest research in the field of sport psychology. We provide a professional service that assists our clients to overcome challenges and open up opportunities to achieve higher and more consistent levels of performance. We operate on the fundamentals of positive psychology approaches that understand improved performance as the result of a holistic approach to development. We work closely with other professionals involved with each individual or team, in order to provide a seamless service that facilitates our clients' individual growth in addition to improving their performance in a particular field. Headstrong's Sport & Performance Psychology Division provides a range of services catering for individuals and groups or teams.




Headstrong provides psychological services to enhance well-being and performance in a variety of contexts.

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We've worked with a range of sporting codes at various levels of experience and professionalism. Find out more about some of our clients here.

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Win at all costs. An MMA fighter, a Welsh rugby player, a famous Russian tennis player, and an Ice-hockey team (to name just a few) were all recently found guilty of exactly that. Exposed as cheats in their respective sports for taking banned performance enhancing substances (PES) they did everything they could to succeed, including crossing, what has become, a very blurry line.  Read the full article here 

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